Cylinders of the Pharaohs
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Cylinders of the Pharaohs

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The Discovery

From History

What is the purpose of Cylinders of the Pharaoh and how do they work?

Manufacturing of Cylinders of the Pharaoh

Principles of Cylinders of the Pharaoh functioning

Processes, Registered by Devices, Proceeding In Organism Under Influence of Cylinders of the Pharaoh

Medical Recommendations and Indications to Use

Sensations Felt During Use of the Cylinders of the Pharaoh

For whom Cylinders of the Pharaoh can be useful

What Can Be Achieved With the Help of Cylinders of the Pharaoh

Methods of Use of Cylinders of the Pharaoh

Characteristic Examples of Use of Cylinders of The Pharaoh

Publications about Cylinders of the Pharaoh in Mass Media

Book "Secret of The Pharaoh’s Cylinders"

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Sensations Felt During Use of the Cylinders of the Pharaoh

Analysing sensation of people in this or that way dealing with Cylinders of the Pharaoh V.P.Kovtun has come to conclusion that it is possible to distinguish four basic groups of felt sensations among them:


As a rule, they are the healthy counterbalanced people, men basically. People with lowered sensitivity also are in this group. Scientific researches have shown, that people, holding in hands the Cylinders of the Pharaoh, are exposed to their influence irrespective to sensations felt by them.


Represent basic part of interrogated. The people, belonging to this group, feel warm or coolness, pulsation in hands, easy slight pricking, sometimes - more rapid pulse, occasionally - dizziness.


To this not numerous group belong that people who feel "flows" or "waterfall" of energy, washing their body inside and outside. Some of them feel uncontrollable aspiration upwards, as though the whole body would try to fly up. There comes unusual ease and good mood.


There are very few of them. As a rule, these people are inspired, pointed at high, with large experience of internal spiritual feeling. But they can not always describe the sensations. In some cases bright coloured hasty visions arise and in other - tranquillity and reconciliation come. At night they have unusual dreams.

Practically all representatives of this group speak about some acquired internal experience in dialogue with Cylinders, to which it is difficult to give definition. To this group of sensations belongs "burning" in region "of the third eye" or near crown of a head.

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